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Interview with Odile Decq

ODBC Odile Decq - Benoit Cornette

Alessandra Orlandoni - In 1996, visiting the Ed Kienholtz exhibition at New York’s Whitney Museum, I was struck by the artist’s official acknowledgement of the contribution made to his work by his companion Nancy. That same year, you won the Venice Golden Lion with Benoît Cornette, and last year Zaha Hadid won the Pritzker Prize. I see these as significant precedents encouraging an equality of the sexes that is still some way off.
Odile Decq – I have always wondered why there are so many women in architect practices and so few who branch out on their own. I have thought a lot about that. First, women can choose. Men cannot: they don’t exist except through their professional achievements, and that is a strong driver. Women who choose their family stop being architects because they have the idea that they exist through their children. I didn’t...

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