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The Cyclops - Residential Complex

NIO Architecten

Europa | Hilversum

Twelve houses backed up against a noise barrier along a busy main road flanked by a bicycle path on the outskirts of Hilversum in Holland. A useful and necessary protective structure becomes part of a housing project, and a row of single-family houses acts as an noise blocking berm. The result is a landmark construction with marked experimental features; the houses are nonetheless conceptually rooted in traditional architecture. This noise-barrier embankment is a modern defensive structure, today’s equivalent of ancient city walls. Similarly, old walls once they no longer served for military purposes often became incorporated into buildings. In a more modern key, the situation is a bit like one of those grandiose Corbusier type visions - of the kind produced during conferences when someone designs a series of houses under unsightly viaducts.
Nio architecten took a similar approach,...

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