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Residential and Office Complex

Titus Bernhard Architekten

Europa | Burgrieden

The housing complex is located on a greenfield site of approximately 6,000 sqm outside Burgrieden, not far from Ulm, Germany. The aim was to combine the functions of home and workplace, while also housing a showroom for the owner’s collection of vintage sport cars.
The sculptured geometrical volumes of this landmark complex required special planning permission for a rural site usually punctuated by farmhouse clusters.
The slight northward slope of the land was exploited to create two sections on different levels: a public section, level with the road, containing offices and showroom, and a secluded residential section set back on higher ground. The whole complex rests on a 40x27 m fair-face concrete foundation. On the lower level, the parallelepiped is extended by a floor to house a fully glazed, two-storey showroom for Lars Weidt’s vintage cars as well as storerooms and...

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