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Ordrupgaard Museum Extension

Zaha Hadid Architects

Europa | Copenaghen

Zaha Hadid’s new extension to the Ordrupgaard Museum in Copenhagen is her most feminine built form to date, an inviting, intimately scaled environment differentiated by its gradations, structurally glazed like a skin and embracing its natural environment, a 5 hectare park near Dyrehaven (The Royal Deer Park) in the affluent green suburb of Charlottenlund, 20 minutes’ train journey from the centre of the city. It was here that in 1916 Wilhelm Hansen (an affluent self-made insurance director and state councillor) and his wife Henny engaged Danish architect Gotfred Tvede to build their private manor and three room picture gallery of French impressionist and Danish Golden Age art, originally planned as their summer residence. Ordrupgaard was a gift of a setting. After they decided to live there full time Tvede realised the two storey, three wing building complex with its transitional winter...

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