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Living with Art

When in the fifties, people asked philosopher Martin Heidegger what he thought about the housing crisis, a crucial problem in those post-war days, he replied with a famous article “Building, Living, Thinking” in which he reminded us that men “build because to some extent they are already living in that space”. Having a home for Heidegger was essentially “to take care of one’s own space”: there is no before or after, only “being in relation to, having relationships”. In other words, it is “living among things from the beginning. It is a way of living that only tradition can still teach us”. For Heidegger, the real housing crisis was not a hermeneutical question of the shortage of houses but the fact that “mortals must first and foremost learn to live in them”. If we are “to rediscover the essence of having a home, or inhabiting a home in the true sense of the word “heimat”, we should...

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