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Südwestmetall Headquarters Reutlingen

Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten

Europa | Reutlingen

The German Metal and Electrical Industry Manufacturers’ Association, Südwestmetall, is located in a central residential area of Reutlingen. The buildings also house a training centre as well as advisory and representation offices for member companies.
The complex comprises 3 separate, 15x15 m, 4-story buildings with traditional pitched roofs. An underground garage, accessed by a ramp in one of the buildings, serves the whole block. The 3 buildings are connected on the upper floors by lightweight walkways contained within a glazed envelope.
Façades and roofs have a double skin: the inner surface is made of floor-to-ceiling window elements, insulated reinforced concrete walls, composite steel pillars and steel roof girders. The outer skin of 1.5x6 m smooth, 4 mm stainless steel slabs, presents a seamless continuous surface with no visible joints. This outer façade is fixed to a...

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