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Private Residence

Tonkin Liu Architects

Europa | Londra

Young architects have traditionally created most of their ingenious design tricks for private clients. In a residential neighbourhood of London not noted for its architectural gems or vistas, is a house and a studio for two creative people. Unlike 99.9% of its neighbours, it is experimental, playing with the idea of ‘looking and being looked at’, and with the language of modernism. An exercise in architectural subversion, it is all the more powerful in its anonymous context. Two light structured buildings gaze at each other across a stretch of water, each reflecting a larger, more open-ended story about the other. Designed by architects Mike Tonkin and  Anna Liu, a young practice founded in 1994, now named Tonkin Liu, this narrative creates an architecture about self-awareness, exposure and embellishment.  On the face of it these might seem contrasting conditions. Yet here, the...

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