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Africa: Design From Another Continent

The summer hit song “La Réalité”, is one of the tracks from the album “Une dimanche a Bamako” by Amadou & Mariam, two blind musicians from Mali.  Produced by Manu Chao, the track is already at the top of the hit parade in France, and the album sold out in just a few days. “La Réalité”, a song about the trials and joys of the people of Mali, composed to help people not get discouraged when they’re down, will also be the jingle for a telephone company commercial. The catchy tune signals the arrival of a real invasion of things African.
Fashion is the forerunner: The colours and flare of Africa have received cyclical attention from European designers, and become a must for the summer of 2005. An exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris sums up admirably designers’ love of Africa. Especially Yves Saint Laurent who, on several occasions, has taken his cue from the black...

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