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Office Building and Urban Park

Abalos & Herreros

Europa | Barcellona

Barcelona is now developing one of its most extensive natural public spaces in an outlying area of the city, near what was wasteland, where the most pollutant service installations were once relegated. The project is part of a clean-up operation of rundown peripheral areas, often marred by disused factories and utilities.
The new facilities demonstrate environmental sensititivity and cultural variety, returning a wide stretch of land to public use. Both the hardscape and landscape of north-east coast park reflect the sustainability aims of Barcelona’s Forum 2004 programme. The area now contains a number of energy supply plants including a gas mains, used tyre collection, water storage, waste disposal, an extension to the existing incinerator, but also an Eco-Museum and offices, a recycling plant and an ecopark.  
Abalos and Herreros wanted to dissolve the contrast between the...

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