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Golf Club el Prat

Carlos Ferrater

Europa | Barcellona

The new  Real Club de Golf El Prat is located on slightly sloping terrain border by rows of pines and cultivated terraces.  Built with environment sensitivity in mind, both golf house and ancillary buildings have been designed to provide maximum accessibility and ease of connection to the golf course.
The functional programme of the whole building complex is the result of in-depth study of the specific features of the location. Low and linear to follow the lie of the land, the hardscape forms three groups – linked but recognisably separate. The central Club House develops on two levels and all elevations enjoy sweeping views over the countryside. Primary access is from the upper level that aligns with the scrubland destined to become the car park. The wide entrance lobby is at the head of the longitudinal distribution axis on either side of which the main admin and social functions...

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