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Coveme Headquarters

Enrico Iascone

Europa | Bologna

High-tech company, Coveme, wanted a prestigious but measured building for its new headquarters on the industrial estate of San Lazzaro just outside the city of Bologna. In keeping with the mainly extensive, low-rise developments of the surrounding area, the architect has developed an articulated, flexible solution: one third of the 4,500 sq.m complex will be occupied by offices while the remaining two thirds will be given over to shops and tertiary activities.
More than just a business headquarters, the area will be a quality urban space with a public park and stone-paved footpath leading up to the building. The construction develops around a central courtyard which is the circulation hub and key architectural feature. Two large glass sails stretch out to provide partial coverage, giving an image of elegance and precision.
An all important feature for this low-rise structure...

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