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Dreaming simply: looking at Argentinian Design

I have no title to speak of the state of Argentinian design. I have a very sketchy knowledge of the country and have had only rare encounters with Argentinian designers. Nor do I want to make short shrift of the Argentine design scene simply because I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days there. So I shall talk of Argentinian design on the highly subjective level of personal impressions – that make no claim to be formulated views.
My first contact goes back to 1992, during an exhibition on Latin American design “Aller Simple” organised by the Lyons-based Maison du Livre’s Blandine Bardonnet and Florence Gauthier, head of design at the Maison du Livre, and with the artistic assistance of Giulio and Valerio Vinaccia, two Columbian artists living in Milan. The exhibition showed the work of several Argentinian designers living in Europe. At the time, I wrote in the catalogue...

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