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Du Plessis House

Marcio Kogan

7.00 in the morning. We are deciding whether to make the trip to take photos of the Du Plessis house, 400 kilometers from São Paulo and 15 kilometers from the historic city of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. It is raining non-stop.
We risk it. 4 hours later and we are already there. I haven´t yet seen the house completely finished. It moves me. On the outside, a large box made of mineira-stone (a typical Brazilian stone), surrounding an inner-patio with four jabuticabeira trees which, interestingly enough, is not only my favorite tree but its fruit is also my favorite. The flooring of the house is cement with small swirling pebbles. I think it looks good. The natural wood “mushrabiyya” sliding panels (the typical wooden grate of Arabian windows) filtering the light in the room have been very well done. I don´t know if it´s "good" to use adjectives in a descriptive report, but that´s what I...

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