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Nevada Museum of Art

Will Bruder Architects

America settentrionale | Reno

The design concept of the Nevada Museum of Art creates an architecture of dynamic urban presence. The Museum frames a series of well-scaled and formed galleries, choreographed in a sequence for visual experiences. The Museum’s multifaceted program grew to claim the site in a manner that bridges the high rise urban condition of the eastern adjacency to the residential/small commercial scale to the west of the Museum. With its height and volume mediating this transition, it is the warping and curving western façade contrasting the angular faceted east façade that sculpturally sets the Museum apart from the expected - its black skin setting up a mysterious contrast with the neighbors.
The architecture is shaped by the sun, capturing a unique identity with the geologic formations of the Black Rock Desert and the results that occur exaggerate the main form with an organic tapestry of...

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