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St. Caterina Market

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Europa | Barcellona

The restoration of the Santa Caterina Market in the old centre of Barcelona is underpinned by strong commitments: to reconstitute a failing urban fabric, with its mix of residential and business functions, and mediate between old and new by developing architectural elements that reflect the aesthetic and symbolic values of an historic site but also accommodate modern technology.
The covered market with its stalls and shops abuts onto a series of apartments for the elderly. Three underground levels house services for the whole neighbourhood, namely a solid waste collection unit (level 3; 1.008 sqm), a two-storey car park, storage space for the market above and an area displaying the Gothic remains of the church of Santa Caterina (level -2; 4.498 sqm; level -1; 4.197 sqm). The ground level accommodates the market stalls (2.068 sqm), other commercial areas and the entrance to the...

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