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Ixtapa House

LAR - Fernando Romero

America centrale | Zihuatanejo

In “Nahuatl”, the Uto-Aztec language, Ixtapa means “white sand place”. The house is sited on a private beach on the Pacific coast in north eastern Guerrero state, 250 km above Acapulco. Here maximum water depth is 12/24 meters, ocean currents are moderate and there is a plenty of sea life. The climate is hot and fairly humid; temperatures range from 24°C to 32°C in summer, dropping to 21°C in winter. There are heavy rains in summer (at night) and during part of autumn. The winter is dry with average temperatures around 26°C. The sun shines almost everyday of the year.
Situated as close to the ocean as possible, the building has been designed to meet the different needs of a beach house. Its circular ground plan is typical of many primitive populations throughout the world, a feature that is here highlighted by the use of local building materials.
The architectural project...

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