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Interview with Will Alsop

Will Alsop – aLL Design

Alessandra Orlandoni - You studied at the Architectural Association and then worked for Cedric Price, who died in 2003, a man renowned for his theoretical projects and the influence he had on Richard Rogers and Norman Foster. You started your career in the post-swinging London of the seventies. What do you remember of that period?
William Alsop - Well I remember a lot. I started at the A.A. in 1968. I didn’t apply to any other school of architecture since Peter Cook and Archigram were teaching there, so that was the place to go. Cedric’s studio was just round the corner and he was often around. The A.A. was a vital place with a very open agenda on what architecture was, much more than any other school in England and maybe in the world. I was there for 3 years before I ever even thought about designing a building. We didn’t know what to do with architecture:...

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