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Hidden Side of Design

Defining Florence Doléac a designer could be considered indelicate just when this plucky young woman with the inquiring expression is going through a period of self-examination. Former member of the avant-garde Radi designer group, Florence recently decided to go it alone. She piled all her things into large cardboard boxes and left home and studio for a bed-sit in the artists’ quarter of Montmartre. Today she is alone professionally and in her private life since the end of her marriage with fellow Radi member, Robert Stadler.  “Asking questions”, she says, “ is a way of defining oneself.” In her past life, she would bounce things off other members of the group; today she confronts herself alone. And the soliloquy is producing more art than design, even though her most recent projects draw no lines between design, art and fashion.
“Ramblings” is how Doléac defines her latest...

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