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Palazzo dei Congressi

Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos

Europa | Peñiscola

Key to the design of the Congress Hall is its location at the foot of  Peñiscola castle in front of a park set back from the sea shore. The partly fractured façade on the garden side and a projecting section, although closed on both sides, allow the interiors to extend into the park and provide views across to the sea.
The building opens out onto a wide space where the future park will come right up to the entrance. A part exterior and part interior structure, the lodge in three-dimensional ceramic material forms a further link between the park and the interior, lying outside but nonetheless protected from the elements. The entrance hall is a community area of white concrete, while the roof, visible from the castle, is zinc clad.
The atrium is a fluid, enveloping space in which a series of independent areas have been developed. On the ground floor are the auditorium,...

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