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Andrew Road House

SCDA Architects

Andrew Road House
By Editorial Staff -

The Andrew Road House in Singapore consists of three flat-roofed rectangular blocks on a rectangular site that slopes approximately four metres from east to west.  The three blocks are respectively a long, rectangular, timber-clad block, a similar block enveloped in a light metal screen and a third block in the form of an open-sided pavilion.  All have flat roofs of zinc titanium.
Immediately evident in SCDA’s now recognizable strategy of choreographing a route in a series of visual movements. The first block that one encounters is the single-storey reception pavilion that is open on all four sides. This transparent space is revealed upon passing through an opening in a stone wall, which is located transversely, across the pedestrian entrance axis.  Beyond the reception pavilion is the swimming pool.
Having arrived at the ‘centre’ one turns abruptly to the right and encounters the largest of the three blocks, containing the principal living and dining areas, the master bedroom and the secondary bedrooms. On plan this is a timber-clad rectangular structure that runs parallel to the northern boundary of the site and it is visually dominant in the overall composition. It is entered across a bridge and through a thick screen wall so that the experience of the interior is delayed and anticipation is heightened. Returning to the entrance pavilion; located at the southern end is a three meter high circular “lantern” constructed of timber, lined internally with a woven steel fabric. This lantern is lit from within and is the visual focus of the pavilion.
The third block is located in the south-east corner of the site overlooking the swimming pool and a waterfall. This is the lowest area of the site so that, although two-storeys high, its roof is at the same level as the single storey entrance pavilion. It serves as an entertainment and guest suite and it is clad with a permeable metal screen. Again the architecture unfolds as a series of carefully...

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