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Residential Building in Milan

Palù & Bianchi Architetti

Europa | Milano

Location: one of Milan’s older peripheral neighbourhoods, an ideal setting therefore for innovative architecture and better class housing projects. The brief was to provide vertically stacked villas and gardens, a key theme of modern urban architecture. The elegant, even stark, simplicity of line is soften by an ethereal quality afforded by the materials used to compose a richly variegated sequence of façades. The asymmetrical openings and spans in the metal frame are key features of this striking complex.
Glazed volumes in primary colours stand out from the façade, suggesting new ways for architecture to combine with nature. The dwelling units themselves differ from floor to floor. The living areas are arranged in a linear block in the centre of the structure while the glazed volumes facing the road become covered terraces, winter gardens or penthouse glasshouse cubes. Horizontal...

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