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Natural Magnetism

Vladimir Djurovic

Natural Magnetism
By Vladimir Djurovic -

Our practice is devoted to the creation of pure, powerful outdoor spaces. We are firm believers that some of the most significant moments of our lives take place outdoors, while the classic “return to nature” recharges the batteries, restoring a sense of proportion to our frantic modern world.
Our philosophy as landscape architects is to ensure this happens in the most memorable way possible:  simplicity and harmony underpin our design philosophy, whether for private retreat or public venue. The four projects reflect this philosophy through spaces that resonate with their magnificent natural surrounds.
Three of these, private residences at the exclusive Faqra Ski Club, are located high in the mountains overlooking Beirut, its bay and the Mediterranean Sea. The fourth is an open-air restaurant created in a renovated old style house with special attention to the environmental features. Our mission is always to create environments that integrate seamlessly with their surroundings, awakening our often blunted senses: sight, smell, touch and hearing. In addition to adapting to extreme climatic conditions, including harsh winters, the projects also had to maintain standards of comfort and distinction demanded by private owner and patron, providing the ideal setting for a weekend retreat as well as the exclusive backdrop for select, official functions.
In all three residence projects, the sitting areas are in local, hard-wearing natural stone able to withstand the harsh mountain winters at 2000 m. The water features, accompanied by soothing splashing sounds, create a mystical atmosphere. The level views give the illusion of shimmering water merging with the mountains beyond. Clean, unencumbered lines are preserved throughout by concealing all lighting and drainage hardware in grooves carved in the stone blocks.
The Seykoun Restaurant - Our brief was to blend the construction with its charming natural setting, providing guests with a memorable dining...

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