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Dives In Misericordia Church

Richard Meier & Partners Architects

Rome’s Dives in Misericordia Complex by Richard Meier comprises the Church, three stand-alone sails in white concrete, the parish buildings and belfry. Frame profiles are produced by Schüco,while the special, completely transparent insulating glass is by Pilkington; Italcementi supplied the white cement and Mapei products were used in a number of different building applications.
Schüco produced the profiles for the vertical glazed surfaces, the large skylight, the glazed facades of the sails as well as the frames for the doors, windows and walls of the parish building.  The extremely lightweight yet resistant support structures were especially designed to absorb sail movement due to wind stress and thermal dilation without transmitting these stresses to the glazing. Special telescopic aluminium profiles calendered to conform with the intersections of the sails compensate for the...

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