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Edificio d’ingresso al Municipio

Dominique Perrault

Europa | Innsbruck

The last construction project to complete Innsbruck’s new City Hall complex, built on the site of the original building, now demolished, includes a new feature, the Rathauspassage, a shop-lined entrance gallery leading to the City Hall. The new complex, now accessible from all directions, heightens the urban relevance of the City Hall.
The landmark 28 mt tower, a contemporary reference to Innsbruck’s tradition as a town of many towers, underlines the central location and role played by this community hub.
The area has three functions: a shopping mall on the ground and first levels, followed by three floors of offices and finally two residential storeys. The gallery’s glazed roof level with the first floor gives a direct view of the City Hall tower rising from the block. The intermediate floors are staggered vis-à-vis the neighbouring buildings while the two recessed top...

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