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Hamburg City Warehouse

Jan Störmer Architekten

Hamburg City Warehouse
By Editorial Staff -

Under the Tecu brand name, KME manufactures copper cladding for roof and facade.
Tecu is copper in its classical red as well as in matte brown oxidised, green patinated and doubled-sided tinned surfaces. The growing use of rolled copper in plumbing and roofing, higher product quality expectations and the development of new, more demanding techniques for metalworking, mean that copper has to meet much higher expectations today than in the past.
The standard techniques such as folding, seaming and bending can be used for connections along the boundaries of the shingle covering. This allows a weather-proof construction of building edges and connections to other components such as windows and doors. The physical appearance of sheet metal work is determined by the seam, which connects individual trays to each other. The seaming technique makes possible the fixing of the trays, which are pre-formed and installed in either sheets or strips. The seam itself connects the trays, which are fixed to the substrate with clips that are folded within the seam.
Many design possibilities can be created from this basic technique, for example by using different constructions of the seam, varying bay sizes or bay alignments. By employing standard metalworking methods to the seams, such as crimping, stretching, folding and bending, it is possible to clad practically any building structure or shape. The trays for sheet cladding are manufactured from Tecu sheets in the form of short strip sections and therefore require an additional lateral joint between the seams. These extra joints make the application more costly than long strip cladding. A grid like appearance is created by the lateral joints which are staggered either side of standing seams.
Tecu System Shingles are large format copper cladding elements for roofs and walls that offer advantages in design and price. Shingles allow builders to cover façades, roofs and individual building elements quickly, easily...

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