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BRT Architekten

America centrale | Unterfhöring

Mr Teherani, you are considered an exponent of contemporary art, as your progressive architecture constantly underlines. Did you have a special talent with materials in your childhood; did you experiment a lot?

I could always draw well. I remember doing portraits at six or seven that were indistinguishable from the original. That’s all really. I dreamed a lot and was fairly creative. I suppose I knew the field of work that would suit me best.

Do you have to be a good observer?

Oh yes. You have to be able to see things that others perhaps miss first time round and be able to project them into the future; know how something’s going to look in the end.

What culture has influenced you most?

The biggest influence has always been life itself - anything and everything that affects me. I often mingle with people, observe what’s going on,...

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