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Summer House

Enrique Browne Arquitectos Asociados

America meridionale | Zapallar

The house is located on a long, narrow, fairly steep plot running north-south, with a highway passing along its upper perimeter and a street bordering its southern extremity. The upper storeys provide splendid views of the beach and bay. The terrain presented two problems: firstly, its southward projection means it receives very little sunlight and secondly, regulations oblige a maximum elevation of 7.5 m from the ground. Hence our decision to locate the house on the highest point, as close to the highway as possible, and create a series of distinct volumes following the natural gradient so as to exploit the 7.5 m regulation to the full, thus maximizing natural light and views.
The highway-facing facade comprises translucent thermal glazing that glows at night like a long horizontal lamp. The building itself literally “bursts out” over the slope. Depending on your angle of view,...

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