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Metallic and pearlescent effect in powder coatings


A relatively new industrial process introduced approximately 40 years ago, powder coating technology is the perfect solution to meet ever stricter environmental regulations.
Recently, single layer, metallic-effect powder coatings have been developed for architectural applications.


Special-effect powder coatings are obtained by adding the special-effect pigment to the powder paint during the production process. There are many special-effect  pigments and various methods of production.
One of these, bonderization, is a state-of-the-art process which – as the name suggests – physically bonds pigment and powder.
The procedure ensures there is no separation of powder and pigment on application or recycling, which guarantees consistently excellent technical and aesthetic performance.
The quality and duration of these special-effect powder coatings are largely determined by the production process and choice of special-effect pigment.
Inverbond products manufactured by Inver S.p.A. are all prepared with the bonderization process and have been developed to meet the toughest specifications.
Pigments have been developed to meet a variety of different situations and shoud be chosen accordingly.
The table on the next page summarizes the properties of some effect...

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