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Bisazza’s Show-Room

Once in a while there is sunshine in Milan.
Now and then, light filters in through the grey fog and the grey smog.
But it’s never enough.
So Fabio Novembre has instinctively sought out and realised his “Midwinter Night’s Dream” in pursuit of sun, water, sky, earth and all the rest, penning a new story to go beyond the grey shades of  the opening lines.
He has dreamed up a camouflage carpet that speaks of the woodlands whose colours it has borrowed. He has imagined a cloud that envelops portions of space, outlining luminous sinusoids. He has transformed windows into collector/repeater/amplifiers of natural light. He has played ping-pong in the rethinking of a flight of steps that give and claim space, under and over, descending and climbing. You can go down for reunions after viewing the sea of Milan from the depths. Or climb back up to relax and watch the seas of the world being broadcast, as the sky twinkles with the stars so dear to the poet – whose abandoned hermitage is variously alluded to.
Other objects claim attention, like clues in a literary-style puzzle: a table – resembling a chopped-off tree trunk protruding from the ground –  tells its tale by shaping the contours of the world’s most beautiful island; on the top, a red LED indicates the position of the world’s most beautiful house, on the cliffs of Capo Massullo.
In the background, an unreal swimming pool, while on the wall a drawing by Sandro Chia which really  “trans-avant-gardes”, telling more the story of those jagged rocks.
There is sunlight in Milan today. It comes from the same star that shines down on Casa Malaparte.


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