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Berliner Bogen
By Editorial Staff -

The sliding frames or profile system on the internal facade are in Schüco Royal S 120 aluminium. The construction principle is a prefabricated frame with metal transoms at each inter-floor level. The fixed frame comprises heavy-duty mechanical-strength, special-section mullions while the use of special gaskets or weather strips does away with the need for sealant.
Each frame has two panes: one fixed directly onto the frame with no need for a second casement, the other, a sliding pane mounted on a monorail. This partially opening system makes for better draught and sound proofing.
For ease of installation, the upper storeys were given a U-shaped profile to adjust to building size variations, while a custom-made metal sub-frame was positioned at the lower levels. To ensure maximum insulation, it was important to align the frame’s insulating zone with that of the building, at the insertion points of the jutting bracket that serves as a walkway around the cavity between the double skin facade.
The roller shutter box lies just under the U-shaped profile at the top of the frame. Mullions, all sliding accessories and handles are in Schüco Royal S 120 aluminium.

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