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Artisans Shoes, Gruppo Prada

Guido Canali

Europa | Montegranaro

The headquarters of Artisan Shoes at Montegranaro, in Italy’s central Marche Region, is set on a hill top and dominates the valley below like a temple to industry. Designed by architect Guido Canali, the building features a series of jutting partition walls rising out of the ground, concealing and revealing the ample expanse of structural glazed facade whose uncluttered simplicity reflects the surrounding landscape.
The Schüco glass construction system was produced to the specifications of the architect and frame-makers. The slender, tapering mullion and transon construction required the building of a wooden mock-up to establish the exact dimensions of the non-standard profiles.
Project-specific extruded elements accentuate the horizontal line of the building. On the interior, special stainless steel units around the base of the structure create a seamless link with the...

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