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Aldo Cibic, a Full Blooded Designer

Despite the grey strands and receding hairline, Aldo Cibic’s boyish looks belie his forty-seven summers – he was born on October 6, the same day, he proudly notes, as Le Corbusier. His enthusiasm and insouciance are also those of a boy, as is his willingness to jump feet-first into utopian projects that even if not world-stopping, should at least turn design on its head and shift attention away from the market on to the real needs of people. Like a boy, Cibic has no concept of rationing energy. He lives at Vicenza, his home town in north east Italy, but works out of his Milan studio with its twenty or so co-workers, yet practically every evening – when he’s not on the road, in Shanghai for example, where he will be designing the new street furniture – he goes home to his wife and young son. Tiredness is an unknown quantity for Cibic. He also finds time to catch up with friends, of which he has many, knowing everyone who’s anyone in the design world, but always courteous to those who aren’t. Cibic’s wedding party was emblematic of this very special person, and gives an interesting insight into his design work. It was a  wedding party to remember, held in the gardens of the former Paolo Pini mental asylum in Milan. There was a Latin-American band, the bridal party sat under a makeshift canvas awning sustained by reed poles and the catering was provided by a local Sri Lankan cooperative. More importantly, it was a genuine festive gathering, not a ritual of circumstance, celebrating the bonds of true friendship and real solidarity…like Cibic’s work for the Olinda non-profit association when he stole precious hours from his hectic work schedule to turn the hospital’s morgue into a coffee bar run by the patients. Everyone at that wedding party understood that true generosity means giving generously of one’s time. And like a boy, Aldo Cibic is lavish with his time. He loves to linger chatting about ideas and projects, recalling too, the schemes that never made it, or...

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