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A Contemporary Art and Culture Project

It was my true passion for art that led me as an art collector to set up the Foundation that bears my family name. Indeed, I owe much of my personal growth to art; working with artists and living much of my life surrounded by their works has become something of great importance and value to me.
Looking at contemporary art, I realise that every artist interprets the world from a variety of viewpoints, and uses a wide range of media to do so: painting, sculpture, video, art installation and photography. I started collecting contemporary art ten years ago, first buying works completed at the end of the fifties. I was intrigued with the idea that they were created in the year I was born. After that I started visiting museums, art galleries, getting to know artists and watching them work. Travelling and visiting art centres in Europe and the rest of the world made me strongly feel the need to do something more for my home town, Turin, and make my own personal contribution to the growth and development of contemporary culture in Italy. That is how the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation was created in 1995. In the same year I met Francesco Bonami - recently appointed Director of the Venice Biennial - and who has been in charge of the Foundation’s collection since the beginning.
The Foundation has two major aims: to support and promote but especially to stimulate the creative growth of young artists. I love being able to follow artists through the whole creative process. In 1997, for example, I helped produce Electric Earth, a work presented by the Californian artist Doug Aitken at the 48th Venice Biennial and which deservedly won the International Jury Award. Last year, I participated in the production of New Ocean, a multimedia installation - again by Doug Aitken that was first presented at London’s Serpentine Gallery. The Fondazione will preview the work in Italy at the new Turin art centre from the end of February to May. The Foundation’s second objective...

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