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Thematic Review Dedicated to Glasses

Thematic Review Dedicated to Glasses
By Editorial Staff -
AGC Flat Glass has participated in the project

Stopray is an insulating glazing product whose internal surface has been coated with an ultra-thin layer of precious metal. Coming in a variety of tints, Stopray is well suited to blend effectively with the surrounding environment.
Stopray products are highly selective, allowing optimal passage of natural light as well as reducing heat transmission through the glass surface.  Stopray glass guarantees heat insulation with a thermal transmittance value of 1.1 W/mq°K
Stopray Safir 61/32 provides excellent optical and energy-saving performance as well as state-of-the-art thermal insulation.  A 6/12/6 insulating glass unit affords 61% light transmission with a Solar Factor of 32%, i.e. a selectivity of 2. Slightly blue-tinted and reflective (only 15%), Stopray Safir 61/32 has become the most widely used high-performance glazing product employed by architects throughout Europe.
Stopray Safir 61/32 can be employed either as vertical facades or roofing and is designed for use as extensive glass surfaces without secondary steelwork.

Glass manufacturer Guardian LuxGuard makes available high-tech glazing products like LuxGuard SuperNeutro 63/32, Neutral Plus 54/27, Silver 43 and 50, Royal Blu 59, Natural 62 and 52. As well as affording high energy savings, all products provide excellent visual comfort allowing the passage of considerable non-glare light.
The glazing used in the project illustrated here is neutral LuxGuard NP 54/27°. An ultra-thin hot-application silk-screen LuxGuard DesignLite surface coating provides excellent protection from direct radiation. Neutral Plus 54 has excellent thermal insulation as well as solar control characteristics. The thin metal coating on the float glass ensures low solar-heat but good non-glare (i.e. neutral colour) light transmission.
The glass blocks shown have a Solar Factor (SF) of 23% and a thermal transmittance of U = 1.0 W/mq°K. The glazing system is completed with Guardian Phoneguard, a...

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