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The Bercy-Tolbiac Footbridge

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes - RFR Ingenieurs

The Bercy-Tolbiac Footbridge
By Editorial Staff -

The international competition held in 1999 by the Paris city authorities for the design of the Bercy-Tolbiac footbridge was awarded to Feichtinger Architectes and RFR Ingénieurs, who will be designers and contractors respectively of the new construction.
The 280 meter footbridge will link the square  of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France with the Bercy park on the opposite bank that runs down to the river. The new bridge’s design combines the classic arch form of Parisian bridges with a catenary structure. In the central part, the two curves meet to form an elongated eye from which pedestrians will have a privileged view across the water.
The lightness and elegance of the structure derive from its seamless link with the various paths and levels on dry land. At this point, the banks of the Seine are on three levels.
The structure comprises the main footbridge spanning 190 meters, a 35 m access footbridge on the Bercy side that extends the catenary structure and rests isostatically on its foundation and another, 45 m access bridge  - again an extension of the catenary structure – on the side of the Bibliothèque de France.
Both arched structure and catenary sections are in heavy-duty thick steel plate. The columns rest on limestone.
The wide span and light-weight structure have required careful consideration of how to offset vibration, which in this particular case would be generated by aero-elastic stress caused by wind force together with vertical and/or horizontal vibrations due to treading feet.

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