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San Biagio’s Cemetery

Marco Ciarlo

Europa | Finale Ligure

The particular location of this extension to the cemetery of Finalborgo is a key factor and pertinent to both the solution chosen and the way this blends with its surrounds.
The cemetery itself has been gradually built up over successive periods along its backbone: a very long 19th century arcade. This latest extension comes at the very end of the backbone at the furthest point from the entrance and abutting onto an enclosure wall, beyond which lies a large area earmarked for future extension requirements. The architectural solution adopted takes its cue from the fact that it marks the conclusion of one area and the prelude – like the wings in a theatre – to a whole new area. The design is abstract, neutral and immaterial eschewing the tired clichés of modern cemetery architecture. Everything is airy and light. The cleanness of line reflects sky, gravel, grass, rain and even...

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