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Project and Construction of a Showing Pavillion

The ‘Building Laboratory’ of Architecture II is an obligatory 4th year course at Ferrara University’s Faculty of Architecture. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the practical problems of implementing technological solutions in architecture, with model-building, laboratory-testing and detailed drawing assignments. During the 2001/2002 academic year, a small pavilion was designed and built in the Faculty courtyard. Detailed drawings made in the classroom were supported by structural, assembly and materials specifications. The resultant pavilion is a circular construction (diameter 10 m.) made entirely of 20 cm. diameter, 2 m. cardboard cylinders, wooden boards joined by screws and bolts and canvas roofing.
At the conclusion of the course, the pavilion hosted an exhibition of photographs taken by other Faculty students. Apart from its educational value, this practical experiment proved a stimulating experience encouraging team spirit in the group, in our view, an essential prerequisite for anyone wanting to undertake a career as an architect. All the material shown in the following pages is the work of the Building Laboratory students of the Architecture II course.


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