luxury streetwear in shades of gray
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luxury streetwear in shades of gray

Fear of God Showroom and Design Studio

Relativity Architects Perron-Roettinger

luxury streetwear in shades of gray
By Editorial Staff -

Footwear designer Jerry Lorenzo, known for his luxury streetwear brand Fear of God, commissioned architecture firm Relativity Architects to renovate the exterior and interior of the brand’s offices in Los Angeles. The project saw the transformation of a warehouse into a multifunctional space, characterized by a color palette played entirely on tones of gray, combined with wooden elements. The facility includes areas for the display of products, offices, a showroom and design studio, and some service spaces. The main goal of the project was to create a versatile environment suitable for different activities, while maintaining a clean and linear style, capable of enhancing the high-end streetwear garments. 

Fear of God Showroom and Design Studio | © Shade Degges, courtesy Fear of God

Fear of God Showroom and Design Studio presents as a spacious loft with large windows, topped by an exposed wooden ceiling with skylights that allow natural light to enter and illuminate the space. The various rooms are punctuated by walls that do not reach the ceiling for maximum openness, creating a distinctive contrast between the wood of the existing warehouse and the new gray walls. The absence of a false ceiling, leaving the fixtures exposed, creates an industrial style and makes it possible to appreciate the original roof. 

Fear of God Showroom and Design Studio | © Shade Degges, courtesy Fear of God

Tima Bell worked to minimize so-called visual noise through the choice of neutral colors, grays, and light tones, defining the spaces. The minimalist, essential furnishings contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of purity throughout the office, conveying a sense of order and care in every detail. The micro-concrete floors recall the color of the walls with a brushstroke effect, while the spaces are connected through flush doors.

The reception and showroom are the only areas open to the public, where the choice of furnishings, by Perron-Roettinger, is aimed at highlighting the brand’s clothing. The showroom, featuring metal shelves, a hanging clothing rack, and a large marble table, exudes the idea of a timeless place, as well as the concept of a Zen garden, thanks the presence of rocks. The kitchen differs from the other spaces because of its white walls and light-colored furniture with contrasting black accents, found in the handles, fridge, and hanging lights over the island.

Fear of God Showroom and Design Studio | © Tom Bonner, courtesy Fear of God Il progetto ha previsto la trasformazione di un magazzino in uno spazio polifunzionale in cui gli architetti hanno lavorato per ridurre al minimo  il “rumore visivo”, optando per una palette di colori neutri e chiari,  con un arredamento minimalista, e ampie vetrate verso l’esterno.

The room dedicated to offices has a long wooden table with black chairs, topped by a large, rectangular, custom-made lamp, which gives the room evocative and continuous lighting. The area dedicated to the studio, which also features wooden furniture, faces out from the building with a large window, allowing natural light to flood the room. The other rooms are equipped with orthogonal tracks with LED lights that demarcate the perimeter and give the entire project a distinctive touch, transporting anyone who enters into a scenography. 

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Client: Fear of God
Completion: 2021
Gross Floor Area: 907 m2
Architect: Relativity Architects
Interior Designer: Perron-Roettinger
Main Contractor: AG&B Construction

CSA structural engineers
MEP: A & N Design Group

Photography courtesy of Fear of God

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