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Inspiration in the landscape

Spark Capital Mercer Offices

Desai Chia Architecture

Inspiration in the landscape
By Editorial Staff -

Dynamism and simplicity are the core values of the U.S. investment firm Spark Capital, which are fully reflected in Desai Chia Architecture’s design for its second office in New York City. Spark Capital, known for its strategic and financial role in companies like Twitter, Wayfair, Slack, and Warby Parker, has its headquarters in Boston and opened its first outpost in New York a dozen years ago (Spark Capital Spring Street), entrusting the project to Katherine Chia and Arjun Desai back then as well. The newly completed offices were carved out from a redeveloped former industrial building on Mercer Street in the SoHo neighborhood. In both projects, the studio chose to combine typical workplace furnishing elements, largely in neutral tones, with the warmth of wooden surfaces, which are integrated harmoniously into the spaces to create a stimulating atmosphere and a unique character, inspired by Japanese gardens. 

Uffici Spark Capital Mercer | © Paul Warchol, courtesy Desai Chia Architecture Gli uffici a Soho rappresentano la seconda sede di Spark Capital a New York. La società di investimento, che ha il suo quartier generale  a Boston, ha infatti aperto il suo primo ufficio  nella Grande Mela una dozzina di anni fa in Spring Street. Il progetto degli interni, firmato sempre da Desai Chia, è ispirato all’immagine di un giardino pensile. I vari spazi si sviluppano intorno a un’area lounge centrale, illuminata da un grande lucernario.

The project located in the heart of the SoHo district occupies a single floor with an area of 370 sq. m and includes various functional spaces for individual work and company meetings, including with teams from the Boston and San Francisco offices. Each person in the office is guaranteed a multifunctional and flexible space, suitable for any type of work activity.

Uffici Spark Capital Mercer | © Paul Warchol, courtesy Desai Chia Architecture L'area di lavoro consiste in un open space pensato per  il co-working, intorno al quale si trovano gli uffici privati, delimitati da pareti in vetro a tutta altezza. Nella sala è presente un tavolo alto in legno, che riprende la forma ovale e la finitura delle lampade a sospensione dell’ingresso, ed è circondato da sgabelli in metallo e legno. Si viene  così a creare un angolo dedicato ai momenti di pausa  e di socialità durante la giornata lavorativa.

At the entrance, an inviting welcome area is flanked by a spacious lounge area, furnished with designer rugs and couches, offering guests a place to relax before attending a work meeting or business appointment. The space is enclosed by three glass rooms, which are used for meetings, and a full-height wooden element that divides the reception from the area reserved for staff, while maintaining visual contact between the two zones thanks to the glazed portions. This sort of dividing backdrop features circular motifs milled into the wood, which evoke ocean waves and symbolize the beauty and balance of the Japanese landscape. Every circle contains a porthole, allowing light to enter in the various rooms and illuminate them evenly.

Uffici Spark Capital Mercer | © Paul Warchol, courtesy Desai Chia Architecture

Wood, a natural material par excellence, is also found in the chandeliers, which are shaped in different sizes like concentric ripples of water of varying depths. Designed to house the lighting fixtures, they create a dynamic effect that contrasts the rigidity of the walls and the concrete floor. 

The actual work area is organized as an open space surrounded by private offices, which are dedicated to coworking and group projects. The room is furnished with tables and couches, as well as a wooden counter that echoes the oval shapes and light wood finish of the hanging lamps in the entrance. Colleagues can share meals or simply take a break from the daily routine while seated at the dining table, which is equipped with wooden and metal stools with an industrial flavor.

Location: New York City, USA
Client: Spark Capital
Completion: 2020
Gross Floor Area: 372 m2
Architect and Interior Designer: Desai Chia Architecture
Main Contractor: Ryder Construction

Lighting: Christine Sciulli
Mechanical: Tan Engineering
Millwork: desciencelab
Acoustics: Acoustilog

Photography: Paul Warchol, courtesy of Desai Chia Architecture

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