Conscious design to respect the sea
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Conscious design to respect the sea

Seadeck 6, Azimut Benetti

Antonio Rodriguez | Alberto Mancini Matteo Thun

Conscious design to respect the sea
By Editorial Staff -
Marmo Design has participated in the project

Taut and dynamic lines become sinuous and essential, as the starting point for a redefinition of the relationship with the environment and togetherness at sea. Azimut Benetti’s new hybrid motor yacht, Seadeck 6, was born from a desire to return to nature, building a more conscious connection with it. The defining features of the project are openness, dematerialization, and the connection between technology and design: the exterior and interior are in constant interaction, and boundaries are imperceptible, creating an immersive experience far from the thoughts of everyday life. 

Seadeck 6 Azimut Benetti | courtesy Azimut Yachts Il desiderio di lavorare per sottrazione di Matteo Thun  e di Antonio Rodriguez porta a far emergere il cuore degli ambienti e a ridefinire il concetto di lusso. I materiali utilizzati sono perlopiù naturali, sostenibili o riciclati, come nel caso del sughero che viene impiegato  al posto del teak.

This step towards nature is also a tangible instruction for future generations of designers and ship owners, rooted in awareness to do one’s part to respect the planet and champion approaches with lower environmental impact. The project began with initial sketches realized by Alberto Mancini, the designer of the exteriors, and later evolved into an innovative project with a refined style and combining design and architecture while also being suitable for families. The highest expression of this return to nature is the completely open aft cockpit, designed as an embrace extending towards the sea, creating a sort of island au fil de l’eau: this open-air lounge – furnished with couches, tables, and daybeds, and called Fun Island – is an example of this new lifestyle at sea centered primarily on well-being. From this prospective abaft, it is possible to appreciate the full possibilities of dematerialization: when the large windows are opened, the entire main deck becomes a singular, spacious environment. In this way, Seadeck 6 allows for interaction between passengers on board and those in the water while at anchor. The cockpit is complemented by two opening side wings and an overhanging platform that reveals an accompanying staircase leading to the water. 

Seadeck 6 Azimut Benetti | courtesy Azimut Yachts La palette cromatica ruota intorno a toni chiari e delicati, così da conferire agli ambienti un’atmosfera di tranquillità. Importante il ruolo della luce, discreta ma al contempo calda e intima.

These values were continued in the interior design, carried out by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez: their concept also led to a process of subtraction, as to bring out the true essence of the spaces, the nature of the materials, the sensations evoked by subtle tones, and the heart of life at sea. Their work has led to a redefinition of the concept of luxury in the boats, highlighting the value of “feeling good” and an experience as deep as it is essential. They chose to use natural and recycled materials in delicate, calm, and light colors: for example, cork was selected in place of teak given its ability to spontaneously regenerate. Light plays an important role in defining such a warm and intimate atmosphere: the lighting fixtures are simple and discreet, recognizable only by the effect of light and shadow. 

Seadeck 6 Azimut Benetti | courtesy Azimut Yachts Per offrire un’esperienza di bordo ancora più immersiva e  a diretto contatto con la natura, il pozzetto di poppa, chiamato Fun Island, è stato realizzato in modo da avere un unico ambiente che dall’interno fluisce verso l’esterno senza soluzione di continuità. Le grandi pareti vetrate possono infatti essere aperte, rimuovendo anche l’ultima barriera fisica.

Seadeck 6, the first yacht to be built in the series of the same name, integrates hybrid propulsion, on-board systems that reduce energy consumption, and solutions designed to reduce emissions. Over 40% of the surface is carbon, the planing hull was designed for greater efficiency, and the stops at anchor are zero-emission. This boat is therefore the result of a more conscious approach to the world of yachting and, as underlined by Thun and Rodriguez, of a kinder way to approach the sea. 

Shipyard: Azimut Yachts
Completion: 2024
Naval Architecture: Albrto Mancini
Interior Designer: Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez 

Photography courtesy of Azimut Yachts

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