A village between mountain, sky, and lake
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A village between mountain, sky, and lake

La Darbia Resort

Studio Primatesta

A village between mountain, sky, and lake
By Editorial Staff -
Ottostumm | Mogs has participated in the project

The thousand shades of Lake Orta and the sky reflected in it, the peak of Monte Rosa, a forest, and a vineyard where time slows down. In this corner of Piedmont – a longtime inspiration for artists and literary figures of the past such as Lord Bryon and Honoré de Balzac – stands a true oasis of tranquility called La Darbia, surrounded by a luxurious park with centuries-old trees, a heated saltwater pool, Mediterranean gardens and a vineyard planted with Nebbiolo. The recently renovated resort is a timeless hospitality facility where past and present, nature and architecture collide, contaminating and enhancing each other. All the apartments have been redesigned, and the wine cellar has been expanded and revised. The impetus to give new vitality to this place came from brothers Gian Carlo and Matteo Primatesta, owners of the resort and principals of Studio Primatesta, as well as the creators of the architectural and interior design project for the entire complex. 

La Darbia Resort | © Tobias Kaser, courtesy Studio primatesta Per condividere con gli ospiti la sua piccola e pregiata produzione vinicola, La Darbia ha aperto una cantina con etichette provenienti sia dai suoi filari sia dalle migliori produzioni vinicole italiane. Entrare in questa cantina dà  la sensazione di immergersi in una botte di vino, ma permette anche di compiere un viaggio lungo lo stivale grazie a più di 300 varietà.

The heart of the small village is the stone tower, within which the reception area is located: it is possible to breathe in the refined and elegant atmosphere that characterizes all the apartments from the first entrance. Each of the 20 apartments has its own distinct and unique character, but they all share a view of the lake and furnishings with delicate and neutral tones that accentuate the atmosphere of tranquility and peacefulness. 

La tecnologia che incornicia il paesaggio | © Tobias Kaser, courtesy Studio primatesta Scelto per le sue funzionalità ma anche per la capacità di incorniciare il panorama, il sistema FerroFinestra W50 TB di Ottostumm|Mogs in acciaio effetto Cor-Ten porta la propria tecnologia al servizio dell’isolamento, come nel caso del ristorante della Darbia. L’efficiente materiale isolante utilizzato per la realizzazione del taglio termico, unitamente alla possibilità di installare dei vetrocamera ad alte prestazioni, permette infatti di rispondere alle normative internazionali sul contenimen

Lake Family, the type of accommodation designed for families, can host up to four people: the master bedroom can be separated from the living room by fabric curtains, while the bedroom with single beds is screened by a wooden slatted panel. The Lake Luxury suite, the comfort of which is enhanced by large French doors, is complemented by either a private garden or a fully equipped terrace (the apartments feature a garden on the ground floor and a terrace on the first floor), which extend the living area. Many of the furnishings are in natural wood, like in the other room types. 

Another integral part of the Primatesta brothers’ hospitality project is the food and wine experience, closely tied to local products: the restaurant and kitchen are a declaration of love for Piedmont and its excellence. The dining room, which features a minimalist entrance in wood and stone with delicate tones, overlooks a garden terrace, which in turn extends towards the lake and Monte Rosa with refinement and familiarity. The contemporary open kitchen, created as if it were a stage, shows off the work of chef Matteo Monfrinotti.

La Darbia Resort | © Tobias Kaser, courtesy Studio primatesta

The fine wine production of La Darbia, with rows of vines set on a slope facing Lake Orta, is shared with guests in the wine cellar spaces, which were also recently renovated and expanded. The arched, wooden entrance door gives the impression of entering into a small barrel: the interiors preserve the connection with the natural dimension through the floors and additional wooden furnishings and details, as in the case of the central table, counter, and wall elements. 

La Darbia Resort | © Tobias Kaser, courtesy Studio primatesta Rivolto verso il lago d’Orta e le colline verdi circostanti, il solarium, arredato con tutti  i comfort, è un punto privilegiato dal quale percepire la sintonia con la natura.

The design of La Darbia is a contemporary reflection of vernacular architecture heritage. Carefully and delicately inserted in the Lake Orta area, it also shows the lived experience of the architects, enriched by Piedmont’s rural culture and traditions.

Location: Orta San Giulio, Novara, Italy
Completion: 2024
Gross Floor Area: 1,710 m2
Owner, Architect and Interior Designer: Studio Primatesta
Main Contractor: Parei
Landscape Consultant: Anna Regge Landscape Design

Photography: Tobias Kaser, courtesy of Studio primatesta

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