A Hotel-Like medical facility
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A Hotel-Like medical facility


IFA Kamil Domachowski (IFA Group)

A Hotel-Like medical facility
By Editorial Staff -

The materials selected evoke the original character of the building: raw textures and natural finishes blend together to create atmospheres of rural memory with refined taste. 

In the years preceding the Second World War, the Wrzeszcz district, in the south-central portion of Gdańsk, Poland, had a large complex for the storage of supplies, serving the nearby garrison. Today, all that remains of the complex is a granary: a building with rural forms, spread over three levels and characterized by the double pitched roof typical of country homes of the region. 

Clinica odontoiatrica - Kroniki.studio, courtesy IFA Group

The building was acquired by a real estate investment group, which entrusted IFA Group with a project to create a
high-end dental clinic while respecting the history and preserving the architecture of the building. The traditional character of the building was preserved on the outside, complying with the protection and preservation restraint placed on the building.

Stepping through the entrance on the long side of the building, the visitor is welcomed by a completely new and surprising environment, due to both the traditional characteristics of the building architecture and the usual expectations for a dental clinic. 

An imposing atrium connects the entire building from the ground floor up to the roof, where an extensive skylight allows natural light to flood the interiors. The functional program, which envisioned the establishment of 15 dental offices, was designed to welcome patients in an elegant and relaxing environment and to not make them feel as if in a medical facility. Rather, the interiors recall the lounge atmosphere of a luxury hotel: refined materials, muted tones and classical music, at times live thanks to the presence of a grand piano placed on a mezzanine overlooking the grand central stairwell. In this way, the architects have created environments that are very different from the traditional canons which characterize medical clinics. 

The center of the foyer is dominated by one of the most defining elements of the architecture: a spiral staircase made of steel and walnut wood, illuminated zenithally by the skylight, that climbs all three levels of the building and provides access to the various floors, while soaring in the center of the composition like a sculpture.

Clinica odontoiatrica - Kroniki.studio, courtesy IFA Group La scala a chiocciola è l’elemento che domina la composizione: percorrendo il vano centrale che scava l’architettura dal foyer del piano terra sino alla copertura, dà accesso a ogni livello, costituendo al contempo un elemento architettonico di alta qualità estetica.

The dental offices, located on each floor on the perimeter of the building, enjoy views of the outdoors, while a spacious meeting room on the first floor, ideal for hosting meetings and training courses, overlooks the main staircase through an impressive floor-to-ceiling window. 

The materials selected evoke the original character of the building: raw textures and natural finishes blend together to create atmospheres of rural memory with refined taste. The exposed concrete frame is juxtaposed with brick surfaces, leather curtains, and walnut paneling that conceal almost-invisible flush doors. 

Music, an invisible element of furniture, accompanies the visitor throughout, and over 150 sq. m of soundproofing surfaces in various forms – including directional acoustic screens, paintings and upholstery – have been applied to guarantee high acoustic standards.

The collection of objects and furniture complements enriches the interior design with selected pieces in perfect harmony with the architectural surfaces, such as elegant hanging lamps and leather upholstered seating. 


Location: Gdańsk, Poland
Client: Nawrocki Clinic
Completion: 2023
Gross Floor Area: 1,192 m2
Interior Design: IFA Kamil Domachowski (IFA Group)
Main Contractor: Elwoz

Supervisor: Pro-Inwest, Kompleksowa Obsługa Inwestycji Mikołaj

Photography: Kroniki.studio, courtesy of IFA Group

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