Green living on the outskirts of town
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Green living on the outskirts of town

Milano 3.0 – Next generation living

Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia

Green living on the outskirts of town
By Editorial Staff -

Milano 3 is a residential neighborhood a few kilometers from the Lombard capital, erected in the 1980s to respond to a desire for a more intimate lifestyle surrounded by greenery, away from the chaotic city. The trend of quitting town for a quieter life has become more pronounced ever since; demand for homes in small towns in municipalities adjacent to large cities has been growing steadily, accelerating most recently as a consequence of people’s lived experience during the pandemic.

Complesso residenziale Milano 3.0 – Next Generation Living - © Tecma Solutions, courtesy DeA Capital Real Estate SGR and Fondo HighGarden Le facciate presentano un prezioso rivestimento ceramico, realizzato su disegno di Alfonso Femia:  la finitura cangiante e l’effetto diamantato enfatizzano la riflessione della luce, dando all’architettura un aspetto che varia in base alle ore del giorno e alle stagioni.

Milano 3.0 is the answer to new living needs. Designed by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia for DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A. and Fondo HighGarden, the residential complex will consist of six buildings connected by a pedestrian boulevard and a large condominium garden, completely immersed in nature and adjacent to Milan’s South Agricultural Park. A total of 260 apartments of varying size are on offer, ranging from studios to multi-room apartments, equipped with terraces and outdoor spaces overlooking green space and the lake near the lot.

Residents’ amenities include a conciergerie, a locker room for home deliveries, a coworking area overlooking the lake, outdoor and indoor fitness areas, and children’s play areas within the large communal garden. Milano 3.0’s design focuses on relations with the landscape: large terraces, loggias, hanging gardens, bow windows and floor-to-ceiling windows ensure the architecture always faces outward, in search of its natural context. Overhangs and indentations created by loggias and terraces give rise to planimetric gaps that reveal unexpected views and a jagged skyline.

Complesso residenziale Milano 3.0 – Next Generation Living - © Tecma Solutions, courtesy DeA Capital Real Estate SGR and Fondo HighGarden Gli interni sono realizzati con materiali eco-compatibili e presentano soluzioni progettuali sviluppate ad hoc per il progetto per creare un unicum tra interni, architettura e paesaggio.

The dialogue with nature extends beyond the architectural design to the energy design and installed systems. The scheme qualifies for the highest sustainability standards, with the apartments in class A4, the highest required by regulations, and counts on systems for exploiting geothermal and solar energy.

Milano 3.0 is a ground-breaking, sustainable response to new living needs, architecture grafted onto its backdrop as if it were a landscape within a landscape.

Location: Milan, Italy
Clients: DeA Capital Real Estate SGR and Fondo HighGarden
Gross Floor Area: 23,184 m2
Art Director, Architect, Interior and Landscape Designer: Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
Project Leader: Marco Corazza
Project Coordinator: Starching

FV Progetti
Plant Equipment: Ariatta
Landscape: Michelangelo Pugliese
Advisor: Dils

Images: © Tecma Solutions, courtesy DeA Capital Real Estate SGR and Fondo HighGarden

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