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AstraZeneca Offices

Tétris Design x Build

Design in Search of Nature
By Redazione The Plan -
VetroIn has participated in the project

MIND Village, part of MIND (the Milano Innovation District), is a hub for visionary businesses and companies, an international village that brings together research, laboratories and coworking against the backdrop of a modern, sustainable and innovative place for work and play.

Set to rise on the former Milan Expo 2015 site, this city within a city will be unique anywhere in Europe, combining residences, leading public interest enterprise headquarters, large parks and community services.

Uffici AstraZeneca - © Davide Galli, courtesy of Tétris Design x Build Per la suddivisione dell’open space in zone funzionali sono state utilizzate le tende Omnitex, presenti sia  nella versione arricciata, con sistema sospeso a soffitto tramite tiranti  e confezionamento wave in tessuto ad altissime prestazioni acustiche, sia quelle a rullo Verosol Enviroscreen 802 G3 Optimum, con movimentazione a catenella e tessuto termoriflettente ad alte prestazioni termo-ottiche.

AstraZeneca’s new headquarters is one of the first to have settled on MIND Village. Tétris Design x Build’s design was conceived to re-functionalize one of the pavilions, transforming it into a working environment that enhances brand identity, promotes sustainability and respect for the planet, and fosters healthy living. 

The two-level, 3,000-sq. m office space was designed to be fluid and encourage inclusiveness, offering an open space approach, multifunctional work areas, sliding partitions, and environments that flow into one another. Enhancing the DNA of the existing building, the project retained its load-bearing wooden structure while introducing biophilia-related elements, natural materials and organic forms that highlight the relationship between man and nature.

Uffici AstraZeneca - © Davide Galli, courtesy of Tétris Design x Build Il colore è utilizzato per definire le diverse zone funzionali ed è studiato appositamente per trasmettere emozioni diverse: le zone più tranquille sono caratterizzate da una palette dai toni pastello mentre accenti di colore definiscono le aree per  la socializzazione.

Large perimeter windows flood the rooms with natural light. The outdoor area adjacent to the building fosters communication inside and out, generating a sense of peace and tranquility among visitors. Divided by functional area, the office spaces span two floors. Each area is defined by the furnishings, lighting fixtures, plants, sliding curtains that allow for isolation or to foster connections between rooms, and curved glass windows that maintain visual continuity between the various different areas. On the ground floor, visitors are immediately greeted by a reception area that acts as the filter for the entire space, flowing into a break area that has a cafeteria vibe to it, a more intimate area with meeting rooms, and finally the Concentration zone, the floor’s intimate heart, recalling the atmosphere of a library. In counterpoint, the Celebration area on the opposite side of the building is a single, large space that may be divided into four smaller rooms through packable partitions, including portable elements like monitors on wheels and modular, reconfigurable furniture.

Uffici AstraZeneca - © Davide Galli, courtesy of Tétris Design x Build L’involucro dell’edificio esistente, già certificato LEED Gold, è caratterizzato da ampie vetrate su cui si innestano gli elementi portanti in legno. Gli sbalzi dei terrazzi perimetrali offrono piacevoli spazi all’aperto, incentivando la relazione tra l’interno e la natura.

The upper floor is dedicated to operational activities and individual work. Here, employees choose among a variety of work areas rather than having a fixed workstation. Everything in the space fosters a flexible lifestyle to keep pace with people’s changing needs throughout the day.

The AstraZeneca headquarters promotes employee well-being through organic, inclusive and sustainable architecture.

Location: Milan, Italy
Client: AstraZeneca
Completion: 2022
Gross Floor Area: 3,000 m2
Interior Designer and Main Contractor: Tétris Design x Build

Electrical and Mechanical:
LEED: Deerns

Photography: Davide Galli, courtesy of Tétris Design x Build

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