Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 30
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Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 30

Design classico per un'estetica attuale

ACPV Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 30
By Editorial Staff -

International architecture practice Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel was responsible for the interior design of new luxury yacht Navetta 30, part of the Custom Line series built by Ferretti Group, world leader in motor yacht design. As well as reaffirming the values of navigability, comfort, safety and customization, when it debuts at the autumn 2020-2021 fair season the new yacht will mark a major step forward in wellness-led design.

The yacht’s construction was a partnership between the Strategic Product Department - helmed by Piero Ferrari - and the Engineering Department at Ferretti Group. Filippo Salvetti looked after the exteriors. With a length of 28.43 m and a beam of 7.3 m, the boat has a classic, harmonious profile, with preference given to the sinuosity of the horizontal to the rigidity of vertical lines. Thanks to its narrowed upper deck superstructure, the whole vessel has a more dynamic, sporty shape.

Designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, the interior concept reworks the idea of seafaring by reinterpreting traditional naval style in a contemporary key. Proposed here with a more contemporary aesthetic, nautical traditions are evident in the classic curvilinear design of the teak furniture and window frames. Carbon detailing and custom textured quartz-powder-coated fiberglass, together with refined lacquering and striped textiles in ultramarine blue tones, imbue the interior with informal elegance.

Designed using BIM technology, the Milanese firm was able to perfectly calibrate the interior, its dimensions and the finishes of each volume, ensuring full harmony with the lighting and curves of the hull. The built-in furnishings were custom-designed and made by top-tier craftsmen using natural leather, solid wood and multilayer wood. A number of solutions were created exclusively for the yacht, including two different aesthetic moods for the timber: a fresher and more youthful “textured mood”, and a more rigorous and classical “wooden mood”.

Meticulous attention was also paid to safety and comfort: the project achieved CE category Class A recreational vessel classification status, in part thanks to a special focus on sound insulation.

Client and Main Contractor: Custom Line Ferretti Group
Exterior Design: Filippo Salvetti
Interior Design: Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel
Design Team: Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel, Chiara Massarani (project director), Stefano Zeigner, Martina Zeno

Renderings by ACPV Graphic Team (Fabio Fassina)

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