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An annual event, Perspective is a major opportunity to develop new contacts, learn about new worlds, and find new business opportunities. Taking advantage of the international network developed over the years by The Plan magazine, Perspective brings together the full range of sector operators: long-standing and up-and-coming architecture, engineering and consultancy firms, avant-garde research units, developers and real estate operators at the top end of the contemporary architecture market, as well as main contractors.

The one-day Forum in Copenhagen unfolds as a working day dedicated to one-to-one business meetings and discussions, flanked by opportunities for informal
meetings - equally important moments for clinching new business relations. A Plenary Key-note will mark the official opening of the Forum. Perspective is a great opportunity for architects and developers to give an expert audience a feel for what they represent, not just in terms of a single project or investment plan, but also as a solid entrepreneurial partner able to deliver integrated architecture, construction, contract or interior design solutions.

Perspective is a great opportunity for manufacturing companies to exchange views with architects on new trends in architecture and design and so prompt new ideas and new thinking about their own business.

The Forum aims to provide companies with a real ‘trend service’, offering insightful overviews of market requirements, new materials, colours and new research avenues being explored by designers. By helping you understand and anticipate where the market is going, Perspective ensures you stay ahead of the curve.

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