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ØG SYStem for doors and windows


Secco Sistemi

OG SYStem for doors and windows
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For over 70 years, the Italian firm Secco Sistemi has been pushing forward the limits of doors and windows, and now it has even produced a zero-gravity solution. The ØG® lift-and-slide system uses magnetic levitation to make doors and windows float, allowing people to effortlessly slide soaring doors along a small rail, without any electric motors. This futuristic design is supplemented by the choice of excellence in the materials: steel, brass and Cor-ten. The ØG® system is based on a patented system of passive magnets carefully placed to lift the door or window, making it seem far lighter and able to move as if in a gravity-free space. This also explains the name: ØG® or zero gravity.

The magnets work with sashes up to 1,000 kg, such that a sash weighing about 700 kg feels like it weighs about 1 kg when opening or closing the door, and even less when sliding it along the rail. The complete absence of friction allows the door to slide silently along the railing built into the floor, only slowed by the power of inertia. Carefully designed to prevent the glass from falling over even when the door is used incorrectly, the levitation unit is built into the floor, consisting of the sliding rail, the Ironlev® magnetic pads and the connection beam to the sash frame. But, the only visible part of all this is a small 8 mm gap that is closed by brushes and easy to maintain. The removable capping profiles can be made with the same finish as the floor, ensuring perfect continuity between indoors and outdoors. The upper track is fitted with mechanisms that counteract the lifting thrust of the magnets and lower the sash when closing the door.

This system not only provides perfect heat and sound insulation, but it is also resistant to wind and water, meaning the magnetic mechanism will last over time. The doors and windows are available in various sizes and formats, with sashes of 1.5 x 2 m to 3 x 6 m.

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