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Zoom 2012 - Decors and design services

Zoom 2012 - Decors and  design services
By Editorial Staff -
Egger has participated in the project

Among its novelties Zoom 2012, Egger’s new decor collection, proposes service packets designed to boost relations with architects, whilst assisting them in and speeding up their work. Besides the classical decors, Zoom 2012 includes some new ideas that suit the present fashion trends: intense plain-colour decors, real wood, textile and leather reproductions. For the first time Zoom has included digitally printed decors for personalised solutions.
The whole collection runs to 271 decors, 60% of them new. To guide the choice among them, it has been divided into 12 colours and decor types.
The keystone of the Egger service packet is the web page www.egger.com/zoom on which comprehensive information about the new collection is to be found. By registering on myEgger one can access Egger news and its sample service. A sample service is also available round the clock on www.egger.com/shop. Zoom 2012 has built up the service provided by the Virtual Design Studio, which now includes on-line viewing, freely downloadable from the net, and a professional version. The Virtual Design Studio contains the whole gamut of Zoom decors, all the Egger collection floor decors and a wide selection of wall colours. Users may easily simulate the rooms they are designing and visualise the project they have in mind.
The VDS Profi version offers some extra services and is designed to be used by professional firms or as a workshop aid.


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