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Ilti Luce

Zirkol C
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LED lighting obviously brings major energy savings, but it also opens up previously unknown creative options through the use of variable color, light intensity and construction flexibility. Ilti Luce is an Italian firm that specializes in technologically advanced lighting solutions, so it has an extensive LED product range that helps guarantee the customization that is often central to the brief from a lighting designer or architect. The Inspirations series has been conceived specifically to meet such needs, offering various lamps that meet most aesthetic and lighting requirements. This is also the thinking behind Ilti Luce’s new Zirkol C range of pendant LED lights for internal applications. Zirkol C is, as the name suggests, circular with a standard diameter of 1 or 1.5 m, although customized solutions are possible. The strength of the light varies from a minimum of 4,000lm (direct light) to a maximum of 11,500lm (dual emission). The opal screen ensures uniform white light, with a color temperature of 3,000K and 4,000K, with an optional Tunable White version. Light can be emitted from a single source, directly on a surface, or a double source to provide increased, pleasant indirect light. Where further customization is required, the lights can also be dimmable. These lights come with two standard finishings: matt black or matt white, with customization possible. Zirkol C’s design and illumination power make it an excellent choice for the retail and hospitality industries, especially in halls, meeting and conference rooms, showrooms or even houses where the need is not only for an elegant lamp, but also excellent quality illumination.


Lungo Dora P. Colletta, 113/9 - I - 10153 Torino
Tel. +39 011 7657301
E-mail: ilti@signify.com - www.itiluce.com

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