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Zerobody & Nu Rèlax

Zerobody & Nu Rèlax by Starpool
By Editorial Staff -

The innovative multi-platform project pairs wellness and neuroscience and redefines the very concept of well-being, providing numerous applications for corporate settings. Developed in collaboration with Neocogita – a brain wellness consultancy service – the project combines the benefits of the dry floating experience on a Zerobody bed with the six guided mediation paths available on the Nu Rèlax App: Relaxation, Stability, Creativity, Calmness, Vibrancy, Clarity.

Zerobody is the latest generation dry flotation bed that offers the benefits of an immersion bath, including establishing the sensation of weightlessness, without having to get wet, which makes using it very easy and possible in a wider context. Cristiano Mino's project resulted in the highly polished design ofZerobody, which is based on a heated water mattress that gently wraps around the body, giving the sensation of floating on a cloud. During the experience, the body is free of the need to continually regulate its temperature and gravitational alignment, causing the person to lose the perception of where the body ends and to relax voluntary control. The body is thus free to produce endorphins, the neurotransmitter responsible for wellness. The dry floating experience on Zerobody nurtures and magnifies the physical condition ideal for the brain to concentrate on the meditation training that follows the six scientifically tested guided paths found on the Nu Rèlax App, which is supplied with the bed.

Nu Rèlax was inspired by the most acclaimed traditional and modern relaxation and meditation techniques like yoga, Jacobson's progressive relaxation, biofeedback, mindfulness and floating. This mental development can be practised at any time and in any place as it requires only a smartphone. All of the audio guide paths in the system are based on scientific protocols from the mental wellness sector and have positive effects that are verifiable.

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